Worldwide Health initiates new business models

Digitalization of healthcare industry is bringing new opportunities and methods of resource optimization to every touch point of patient care.

The focus is gradually changing from disease treatment to prevention and health monitoring. This change will bring better return on investment of healthcare to health organizations and other stakeholders, such as insurance companies.

Healthcare stakeholders

Faster response times, better risk assessment and all other cumulative effects of e-Health are bringing huge advantages, savings and better ROI of healthcare to every participant and stakeholder of the healthcare supply chain, including the patient himself.

Health Care Success is working with insurance companies, private healthcare companies and health organizations by developing wireless and cloud-based products & services and defining business models of the next generation.

  • Benefits for patient care

    • Reduced time for physician documentation
    • Improves hospital workflows
    • Access to patient data at the point of care
    • Compliance with federal mandates
    • Promotes physician–patient interaction
    • Improves collaboration between physicians and care providers
    • Improves billing efficiency

  • Benefits for insurance companies

    • Better risk assessment
    • Better ROI on policies (less claims)
    • Better accuracy on policies and claims
    • VAS & bundle selling opportunities

  • Benefits for mobile operators

    • Data transfer fees
    • VAS & bundle selling opportunities
    • SMS based health alerts & prescriptions

  • Benefits for channels & distributors

    • Digital sales channel revenue
    • Digital marketing channel revenue
    • White labeling
    • Social media platforms revenue