TANGO product lineup

Our consumer products go by the brand name TANGO and their accompanied mobile app TANGO GO+. TANGO empowers and motivates people to make healthy changes to their everyday lives. TANGO increases health awareness. It means changing passive attitudes and ignorance towards health into active participation, knowledge and motivation in keeping one’s health in check. It also means changing the focus from treatment of diseases to their prevention by altering one’s daily choices in fun and easy way.

IP status & valid trademarks

• EU, logo, key word Tango 10.5.2010
• EU, device, key word Tango 9.8.2010
• USA, device, key word Tango 17.5.2011
• Japan, device, key word Tango 31.8.2012
• China, device, key word Tango 14.11.2012
• India, application filled in November 2014

Several patents and algorithms, available upon request. Tango Trademark is registrated in China, Japan, EU and USA.

Tango Products

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Watch TANGO concept video

Tango video

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Market potential & future trends

Exponential growth in the market for heart rate monitoring devices and remote health monitoring mobile devices has been projected.

International Data Corporation (“IDC”) Health Research has estimated the global market for mobile point-of-care solutions to grow from US$ 2.8bn in 2010 to US$ 4.4bn in 2015. Market potential for wellness, preventive care, aftercare and remote monitoring are growing rapidly as the costs for healthcare are rising on a global scale.

Key figures

• 50 million wireless heart monitoring devices to be sold within the next five years
• 80 % of them for self-health monitoring purposes
• Estimated market of USD 4.4 bn by 2015


The Tango Wellness Monitors have been designed to meet the requirements of these megatrends:

• Obesity prevention/reduction
• Active/wellness lifestyle monitoring
• Remote heart rate and physical activity monitoring



Measure in seconds, see the results instantly!

  • ear infection follow up and care at home
  • use the clip-on accessory with your phone
  • conduct a quick checkup anytime anywhere
  • no unnecessary usage of antibiotics
  • no unnecessary doctor visits








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